My research interests mainly focus on Spectral Theory, from the point of view both of Functional Analysis and of Calculus of Variations, in particular in the case of eigenvalue problems for partial differential operators.

During my Ph.D., I studied continuity and analyticity properties for the eigenvalues of higher order differential operators (under several types of homogeneous boundary conditions), related with both equations (such as biharmonic plate problems) and systems of equations (e.g., Lamé, Reissner-Mindlin, etc.). I also obtained a few shape optimization results for these eigenvalue problems. You can find my Ph.D. Thesis here.

As a PostDoc at Politecnico di Torino I studied some properties for a class of eigenvalue problems which are related to the structural stability of suspension bridges, and reinforcements problems for plates modelling suspension bridges. I was also a member of the research project Geometrical and qualitative aspects of PDE's.

At the moment I am studying some shape-related properties of eigenvalue problems involving the Laplace operator and others, also of higher order. I am also a member of the research project Extremal spectral quantities and related problems .


  • I have studied Italian accordion and piano for many years, also taking some exams at the conservatorio (Italian music school).
  • I got interested in (and studied a little) linguistic some years ago, mainly compared grammar. At the moment, I am studying French.
  • You can find here my CV (if you prefer the Italian version, here you are). You can also check out my Mathematics Genealogy.
  • My Erdős number is 4.
  • Thanks to Gabriele Santin and to Davide Poggiali for helping me developing this webpage.